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the department two social

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2019 is the year we launch the Department Two Social, a series of one-of-a-kind creative workshops held in collaboration with some of our favourite venues. 


Who are the socials for?

Department Two Socials are for anyone who wants to explore their creativity and learn how to make great content. Whether you're a beginner with an iPhone, a seasoned DSLR user or the lucky owner of an old school film camera that you'd like to get more use out of - everyone is welcome.


What can I expect?

You'll be given everything you need to play around with and plenty of space to try things out. We'll offer some inspiration to get you started and go over some of the basics of composition, lighting and getting the best from your camera. We'll also be on hand throughout to answer any questions and offer guidance.

This is your chance to get creative - it's not about following rules and getting it 'right'. It's not a photography class.

After the event you’ll come away with a new set of skills that’ll help you create your own amazing content.


What else?

Each Social will be different. Some will be walking and talking in the outdoors and others will be more focussed and intimate.

Every event will be held in collaboration with one of our favourite venues. So expect each event to conclude with a great meal to feast on (and perhaps photograph) as well drinks and deserts unique to each venue.