The Manifesto Series Prints

Untitled_Artwork 6.jpg

Setting out to do our own thing was a giant leap for us. Before we struck out on this journey we drew up a manifesto - a ten point plan to try and live by. We outgrew it. We just weren’t cabin-in-the-woods types. Two years have passed since we wrote it and after looking back on the manifesto, three key points still stood out:

Good work costs good money. Plans are great but things change. Tell stories people want to be a part of.

These are the things we have continued to heed and still believe in. We took these three core tenets and turned them into something more than an idea. We designed three limited edition A4 prints that will soon be available to purchase. Each print is screen printed by hand in Sheffield using the finest water based inks and ethical substrates on to GF Smith’s finest paper stock.


Good Work in frame copy.jpg

The Good Work print is a reminder to know your worth and stick to your guns. Don’t chase cheap work. There are no winners in a race to the bottom. Printed on 210 x 297mm ‘Mandarin’ Colorplan 270gsm. Available soon.


Plans in frame.jpg

The Things Change print is a reminder not to over prepare and to embrace change. After all, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Printed on 210 x 297mm ‘Forest’ Colorplan 270gsm. Available soon.


Stories in frame.jpg

The Tell Stories print is an imperative reminder of what we do best. It has become an unofficial motto for us. Printed on 210 x 297mm ‘Mandarin’ Colorplan 270gsm. Available soon.

We created these prints for people like us. Creatives who share our frustrations and sometimes need the right kind of motivation to do their best work. Hang them in your office, hallway or workshop with pride.

This edition of prints will be limited to 30 of each design and they will be individually numbered and available soon via our new online shop. If you would like to be the first to know about the release of the prints then join our mailing list below.