Department Two

yarders ice cream

april 2019

Yarders Hi-98.jpg


Department Two art directed and produced campaign photography for the launch of Yarders, a new luxury ice cream brand from the people behind Steam Yard and Bullion chocolate.

Yarders ice cream comes in one flavour - high quality bean-to-bar chocolate. We chose to make the singularity of the product a feature, focussing on its luxurious texture and rich colour as it was served up in a range of different ways.

In order to establish a distinct visual identity for Yarders, while remaining linked to its parent brand, we pulled the bold orange and chalky black tones associated with Steam Yard through in the images to ensure the connection was there without being overpowering.

The images were used on social media, brand website and as part of press releases and marketing.

Yarders Hi-4.jpg
Yarders Hi-36.jpg
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